Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Downtown Miami's art district is a haven for some of the country's most infamous graffiti artists and their pieces. During Art Basel 2010, we ran into a few legendary artists from the urban street collective "Primary Flight", while they were spray painting murals on walls throughout the Wynwood area. Needless to say, this inspired Murkem to find some more of the city's hidden graffiti pieces and explore more of the districts underground art scene.

Teaming up with friend and photographer Stephanie Sonju & model Ivanca, Murkem took the girls to some of the cities most secluded spots, bombed with the illest graffiti pieces. Although some of the sites were a bit frightening to visit, they definitely made for a great backdrop for a photoshoot.

Be on the lookout for more of Stephanie Sonju photography and more from Murkem and "In the Cut Studio's

Photo's by- Stephanie Sonju

Model- Ivanka

Art Director- Murkem


  1. the lady said such nice things about you :):):)

  2. that sounded terrible ... I did mean Ms Sonju :)