Monday, May 18, 2009

Stlye Profile: Nik Martinez {Bio & Potos}

As a purveyor of all things artistic, I, Nick Flash am always on the look out for slick new photographers to meet and collaborate with. After seeing some fantastic pictures of "Lauren Marie Palaez" an up an coming model out of Miami, I contacted her photographer Nik Martinez, so I can share with you some of his fantastic works. Check it out.

The name is Nik Martinez. I'm 21 years young and I'm just trying to make something out of nothing. I created my own business called Uneek Designs & the name has traveled little by little around Miami.

Photography to me is just a fun way of being free and capturing priceless and beautiful moments. I wouldn't categorize my work with any titles, but rather just a "uneek" style. I learn something new every day and I'm just building as I grow.

As people change when they mature, my work is something that will have a constant change as well. I love working with themes and just energetic, fun people. If you're in Miami and need a fun photographer to work with, contact me! My prices are very inexpensive & extra goodies are always added such as a special edit to the photo such as texture wrapping, changes of backgrounds, designs, etc.

My starting package is only $120!
-20 professionally edited photos.
-2 outfit changes
-1 location
For other packages, please visit :

I always have special deals & discounts so be on the look out!
My most popular deal is the "unique - discount".
How does this work?
-If you're interested in a photoshoot and can come up with a unique theme to the shoot rather than just your basic "hey lets do a shoot at the beach", I'll be sure to hook you up. Word is bond :)

To view some of my work, check me out on flickr , deviantart & myspace!

Nik Martinez Flickr

Nik Martinez Deviantart

Nik Martinez Myspace

So what are you waiting for!? Lets book a shoot already :)

Nik Martinez
P: 786.208.5811


Check out some of his work here...