Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ed Hardy: A Salute to Douche-Bags! Written by Jaan Alejandra Lalwani

I’ve always been a big supporter of color. I love coordinating colors, buying colorful items and looking at skittles. To me the color a person wears on their clothing can determine what they are all about that particular day. However, I never thought I would live to see the day when a clothing line molested colors.

Thank-you Ed Hardy for giving me the opportunity to realize that yes, you can put a price on absolute bullshit. It’s just horrible how people actually think this shit looks cool on them. The concept of someone wearing tattoos on clothing makes me sick to my stomach as well as giving me a massive migraine.

If you wear Ed Hardy clothing or anything related to Ed Hardy...do you honestly think you look cool? Do you really think it makes you look slimmer? Just because Mommy and Daddy won’t let you get a tattoo doesn’t mean you have to commit to this disease of a clothing line.

Most of the people who wear Ed Hardy are celebrities who are paid to wear it and douchebags who want to look exactly like the buddy they walked into the club with. Oh yeah, and people who over-tan in the salons and turn out having the skin complexion of an oompa loompa.

Yes, this all might offend you but you have to realize that Ed Hardy is over-priced, over-done and easy-to rip. And when you do buy this shit, don’t forget to take off the TJ Max price tag.

The Road to Stardom: Brooke Helvie

The road to super- stardom can be a long and unpredictable journey. I believe in my heart that I have a a superior knack for spotting talent, and a great eye when it comes to predicting the next "Biggest Thing"

Our new magazine and blog "beScene" will be following local talent all over the world and keep you updated on how they are making their dreams a reality...or not.....

Brooke Helvie, in my opinion, has that "it factor"

I first met Brooke three to four years ago while I was djing an event at "The Players Club" in Wellington Fl. She was a hostess then, but I knew in my heart she was destined for greatness in some way.

Check out "The Players Club" Welllington here...The Players Club

About a year or two later, I met up with Brooke again while I was djing "Project Graduation" at Wellington High School, Class '07. She then informed me she was singing country music and was recording some songs. I got her myspace info and left it at that.
Check her myspace out here.


Months later, I was djing a monday night event at a local Duffy's, where our theme was "Country". I gave Brooke a call knowing she was a great local artist and knew alot of people that would love to come see her perform.

Needless to say, she came and sang her heart out.
The Duffy's staff, family and friends, loyal customers, and I, Nick flash, were all blown away.

This year, 2009, I ran into her agin at club 251.

check it out.

Nick Flash Photogrpaphy 251 A.M.


Nick Flash Photography 165 @ 251

I thought she would be perfect for an upcoming "beScene" editorial so I gave her another call....

After meeting with her and her Mom today, we came up with some incredible ideas on a photoshoot.

I then learned she was a contestant on Ameriacn idol, and blew all three judges,
Simon, Paula, & Randy away!!!

check it out here....

Stay tuned for a future fashion editorial with Brooke Helvie on our new online magazine...

Do you think she will make it as a big superstar?? Let us know.