Thursday, March 26, 2009

Style So Chic

CAUTION. My name is Russell Stevens a.k.a. DJ Murkem. I am a DJ/Photographer on the rise. I also am a loyal colleague of Mastermind Nick Flash.

If my fellow collaborator's name is unfamiliar to the unfortunate , let me backspin the wax and drop it again.... DJ Nick Flash. WHOA, look out because this phat cat is anything but calm & collective. Call him Flash, not Garfield, for he never sits around obesely eating. It is even rumored that he doesn't sleep. Flash has been known to be pointed out, like "Where's Waldo" behind the old 1's & 2's, leaking his bone tingling tracks through hipster joints all over South FLA. If this creative dude isn't laying a memorable groove at your local jump off, then Flash is transforming into a networking monster through the Mac Airport Extreme Waves.

Recently, Flash & his thorough crew have mingled their ways into the extravagant life of high fashion, through the hot blog site This site along with
t are fulfilled with high definition photography, along with links to other raw media. Flash & his diligent associates have inspired me to become a more creative person in a complete 360 degree direction. By steadily updating the blog spot with mind blowing posts daily, this artistic pack will conquer what ever endeavors they are put up against with ease.

I Russell Stevens have been shooting photos for only a few months now. I was wondering when and how I could contribute some media for the blog, with my crazy busy schedule as a DJ. Well, on Wednesday 25th 2009, I found myself DJing an upscale fashion show for a very fabulous boutique by the name of Style So Chic. Style So Chic is located centrally in the warm heart of Abacoa Town Center, in beautiful Jupiter Beach Florida.

The Lolita Jaca Collection available online at

Owner Lethey Biggins, along with her knowledgeable staff insisted that I take photos of the stunning Summer 2009, "Lolita Jaca" collection from St. Barths. Sexy, yet conserative dresses and other elegant threads were amazingly displayed throughout Lethey's clothing store. Between spinning cultivating melodies, I some how found the time that was required to capture several stellar shots of the gorgeous models and how the "Lolita Jaca" collection hugged their Coca Cola shaped bodies.

After anxiously speaking with Nick Flash about my awesome day, Flash topped the already epic event by congratulating me on my photos, along with posting them in the clever online journal of our lives. What an inspiring mad scientist of a friend! Right..Right? Inspiration.....Is it in you?

Check out the Style So Chic photos. Enjoy them, and all the other rad links that are happily provided to everyone who shares the same passion for Music, Fashion, Photography, & art in general.

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