Friday, April 24, 2009

Misfit Fridays {Article By Nick Flash}

Attention Misfits! The Overthrow crew {Sam Baum & Alexis Mincola} are at it again! This time they are unleashing their fury of Rad upon Friday Nights. It is now apparent that your weekends will NEVER be the same.

As a dj & nightlife enthusiast, I am constantly searching for something new and innovative, but it seems that innovation is few and far between. Ever since I met Lex, {Alexis Mincola} I knew that this guy's twisted mind was eventually gonna set off a chain reaction of rad that would eventually span the entire country. When I heard about "Misfit Fridays" I must say, I was a bit mystified. I wanted to be a part of it from the moment I saw the flier.

Misfit Fridays takes place inside Louis @ The Gansevort south beach. Check out their website here...

One can only guess what kind of madness that the overthrow crew has in store for you each & every week, but please know that it will push the limits of what our imagination can even fathom. Sex, Mayhem, Debauchery, Booze , & Disco Magic will fill the air inside the grandiose venue of LOUIS.

The fashion and overall look of this party is sure to be something spectacular as well because it is getting a helping hand by the very talented artist Aban Sonia. Sonia's avant-garde eye for style is unlike any I have ever seen and will infuse this party with a certain level of panache that south beach has yet to experience.

Visit Aban Sonias websites here...

Dj Damaged Goods, Aka Obi Tawil will be djing the opening night of Misfit Fridays and will be providing the soundtrack of madness for you to shake your ass to.

As a dj myself, I am quite a Misfit. My unconventional style of mixing always keeps crowds rocking till the early morning. I love coming up with songs that set a vibe unlike any has felt inside a discotheque.

After hearing about this party, I created a playlist of about 1000 songs that I would mix if I was behind the decks of "Misfit Friday"
I will be making mixtapes called "Misfit Mixes" throughout the weeks in an attempt to get Lex to let me play there one night.

Here is a list of about 25 songs you might catch in my upcoming mixtapes in no particular order.
{All of the songs I play and collect by the way are all in .WAV or .MP3 and between 160- 320kps}

1. The Prodigy- Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix)
2. Judas Priest- Livin After Midnight
3. Rob Zombie- Dragula
4. The Classics VI- Spooky
5. Jay-Z- Lucifer
6. Simian Mobile Disco- I got this down
7. Ace Of Base- Living in Danger
8. The Crystal Method- Roll it Up
9. Duran Duran-White Lines
10. Weezer- Dope Nose
11. Marty McFly -Johnny B. Goode
12. Madcon- Beggin'
13. Cinderella- Shake Me
14. Curtis Mayfield- Pusherman
15. Pet Shop Boys- Always on my mind {12" mix}
16. The Misfits- Die, Die, My Darling
17. Soulwax- NY Excuse & Ny Lipps
18. DJ Mujava- Township Funk
19. A-Trak- Say Whoa
20. Asher Roth & Cee-Lo- Be By Myself
21. Billy Joel- The Stranger
22. Elvis Presley- Burnin' Love
23. Armand Van Helden- Full Moon (feat. Common)
24. Carl Carlton- She's A Bad Mama Jama
25. Herbie Hancock- Rockit

Check out the Commercial for this party!!

Misfit Fridays @ Louis from Alexis Mincolla on Vimeo.