Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time Flys- {Back to The Future turns 25}

Is crazy to think about just how fast that time fly's. Last Saturday, July 3, 2010, The movie ""Back to the Future"" celebrated it's 25th Birthday from when it was first released back in 1985. Ever since I saw it, it has been my favorite movie of all time, and continues to inspire me to develop a time machine to this day. {Still in the Process} This movie reminds us that anything is possible, and, quoting George Mc Fly , "We can accomplish anything we want as long as we put our mind to it." Even time travel. To commemorate it's 25th anniversary, I've decided to post some great movie artwork and some classic tunes from the soundtrack.

Head on over to Amazon.com and grab the "Back to The Future Trilogy" in Blue Ray

This first piece, entitled Back to The Future, was designed by graphic artist Eric Tan who created his own magazine ad promoting the town of Hill Valley, circa, 1985. If you look closely, you can see Marty's influence on the town by the kid riding a skateboard in the bottom right corner and the Delorean flying away on the top. Amazing!

This Piece, Back to the Future 2, was designed by Artist Michael Steele, and will be one of the feature exhibits in the upcoming art gallery Crazy 4 Cult, Opening on July 9th, Friday night, at Gallery 1988: Los Angeles. Now in it's 4th year, this event will be hosted by none other than filmakers Kevin Smith and Scot Mosier.

Enjoy These Classic Tunes from the Soundtrack, along with a bonus track from yours truly, Nick Flash-

Just Right Click to download.

Downtown Miami's art district is a haven for some of the country's most infamous graffiti artists and their pieces. During Art Basel 2010, we ran into a few legendary artists from the urban street collective "Primary Flight", while they were spray painting murals on walls throughout the Wynwood area. Needless to say, this inspired Murkem to find some more of the city's hidden graffiti pieces and explore more of the districts underground art scene.

Teaming up with friend and photographer Stephanie Sonju & model Ivanca, Murkem took the girls to some of the cities most secluded spots, bombed with the illest graffiti pieces. Although some of the sites were a bit frightening to visit, they definitely made for a great backdrop for a photoshoot.

Be on the lookout for more of Stephanie Sonju photography and more from Murkem and "In the Cut Studio's

Photo's by- Stephanie Sonju

Model- Ivanka

Art Director- Murkem

Sloppy Seconds Turns 4!

After seeing this poster art design by Caleb Gauge  I was absolutely convinced that creative art design for fliers can almost make or break an event.  Sloppy Seconds, a party in the heart of the ATL that is always on the forefront of Music and fashion, celebrates it's 4th birthday this Saturday. {4 is like 50 in club years}

With a constant flow of fresh music talent and fresh art work month after month, it's no wonder why the Sloppy Seconds party reins supreme in Atlanta's scene.

Atlanta, GA, summer of 2006... A group of restless rabble rousers decided to shake up the mundane and supply Atlanta's underworld with an aesthetic overdose of genres, cultures, and personalities. They named there baby SLOPPY SECONDS. 

With his 4th birthday just around the corner, Sloppy is now the longest running dance riot in all the land and continues to be a breeding ground for the nefarious.

Overthrow welcomes you to the 4th birthday of our snot nosed little party monster...

S L O P P Y . S E C O N D S
Saturday July 10 • MJQ Concourse

Tickets are on sale now!

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IPhone 4 & Flip- HD for Everyone

I just recently got the new IPhone 4 and I have to say, I'm blown away by it's video capability's!

Coming equipped with 720p HD and the ability to edit right on the phone, this gadget should be able to turn anybody with a creative mind and eye for video a filmmaker! Just months ago, Cisco Systems also released a pocket sized HD digital video camera called the FLIP with some serious high definition capability's as well. HD video technology is evolving to the point where it's becoming super affordable and more & more compact to where you can carry your camera in your pocket and create a film anywhere and anytime you see fit, all for around $200!

Below are some videos that have been shot with an IPhone 4 and a FLIP. The first video, "Cascades", was shot an directed by Marty Martin for the artist Flackjakt, and is actually the first video ever to be fully shot on an I Phone 4!

The Second Video, "Just Three Scatmen", was shot and directed by one of my favorite dance floor rockers, Dj Kozmo Koz. Using only a FLIP camera, Kozmo and his bud's ended up with a wild HD video interpreting the classic 90's dance tune "Scatman"

Feel free to give us your feedback on the videos and submit some of your own videos taken on a Flip, an I Phone or any other new technology that lets you shoot full HD from right out of your pocket.

Stephanie Sonju photography at The Brazilian Court

Saturday Nights at the Cafe Boulud in Palm Beaches  Brazilian Court Hotel  are the place to be for the Summer Season. This week, photographer Stephanie Sonju came by for a photoshoot with model Kristen Rydberg to capture the sexiness and ambience of "A Saturday Night Affair"

Make up by: Martha Borowska & Hannah Makarita

To see more of Stephanie's amazing work, visit www.sonjuphotography.zenfolio.com
And for a sophisticated dining and nightlife experience, join Nick Flash every Saturday Night at "The Cafe Boulud" as he spins an eclectic mix of Jazz, Funk, Soul, House & Disco

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jesse Michael interview for Bescene Magazine's "Schorched Issue"

Jesse Michael Interview from Murkem on Vimeo.

Just recently, "In the cut studios" was down in Miami at Carcan Studio's for a  behind the scene's look at Jesse Michael's photoshoot and interview for bescenemag.com's"Scorched Issue"

Jesse's shoot was done by none other than Derrick G, the infamous photographer who documents the lives of rap sensations Baby, Lil Wayne & Drizzy Drake.

To see more of Derrick G's work, head over to ThaRealDerrickG.blogspot.com

To find out what Jesse Michael has cooking, take a look above at the interview footage Murkem shot, and head over to bescenemag.com for the rest of the pictures Derrick G shot.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cafe Boulud & Nick Flash Present: A Saturday Affair

For decades, Palm Beach has been the epicenter of luxury and decadence. Some of the worlds richest and most famous people fly to Palm Beach every winter to enjoy it's amazing weather, host extravagant soirées, and live like royalty in it's five-star resorts & deluxe real estate. Every Saturday throughout the summer however, The Cafe Boulud Palm Beach along with Nick Flash will be hosting an event that is guaranteed to make you feel like a Billionaire, even if you are a few dollars shy.

Located inside the historic Brazilian Court hotel, The Cafe Boulud provides a relaxed yet elegant ambiance along with fine dining at a more than affordable price. Starting at 9p.m, Nick Flash delivers a sophisticated soundtrack to the evening with a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco & House that is sure to make you move, groove & make romance. Sponsored by Moet & Hennesy Black, every week a group of beautiful ladies will be offering you free shots of Hennesy Black along with fantastic deals on bottles of Champagne.

A Saturday Affair is a more mature approach to West Palm Beach's nightlife, designed to evoke romance and desire through a mix of savory cuisine, seductive tunes & a refined ambiance. Experience it for yourself every saturday this Summer. 

Photographer: Chad Andreo
Model: Natalia Lopez
Make Up: Martha Borowska
Concept Design: Nick Flash & Murkem
Evening Gown Designer: Lourdes Atencio

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nick Flash Present's: Flashback Boogie

1. Brazilian Rhyme {Interlude}- Earth Wind & Fire
2. Love Has Come Around -Donald Byrd & 125th St, NYC
3. Prick Stick- Louis La Roche
4. I Can't Shake this Feeling- Grum
5. Crave You (Cassian Remix}- Flight Facilities Feat. Giselle 
6. Keep On- D Train
7. Put Your Body in It (Gigamesh Re-Edit)- Stephanie Mills
8. Heat You Up (Melt You Down)- Shirley Lites
9. Shooting Stars- Bag Raiders
10. Baby Can't Stop (Aeroplane Remix)- Lindstrøm & Christabelle 
11. Grow Up- Swick
11. The Motion- Duck Sauce
12. Me & Her- Louis la Roche
13. You've Changed- Sia
14. Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)- Two Door Cinema Club 
15 Il Macquillage Lady [DiscoTech's Daft Punk Edit]- Sister Sledge
16. Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix)- Daft Punk
17. Lover in Me- Moullinex
18. Groove in You- Steve Angello
19. No Worry (Original Mix)- Discotech & Whitenoise
20. Xinobi- Day Off
21. Lift Me- Treasure Fingers
22. What am I Supposed to Do- Treasure Fingers
23. Style, Class, Flair- U-Tern
24. The Hit- Crazy P
25. No Jazz (Original Mix)- Ron May
26. I Know You Care (U-Tern Edit) - Ethel Beatty 
27. Boogie No More- Dorfmeister & Madrid de Los Austrias
28. Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)- Calvin Harris

Friday, April 9, 2010

Citrusonic's Dance or Die WMC2k10

Thursday night at WMC was by far the coolest for me. We ended up attending Citrusonic's "Dance or Die" party at the Coco De Ville. I had been hyped about this party weeks before it actually started when I heard about it from my good pal "Dj So What", out in San Francisco. Dave, AKA "Dj So What!" had been raving about these artists ever since I've known him, so with his his help,  he arranged for us to get inside with our cameras.

The line-up of Dj's was absolutely spectacular, and although I had never heard any of them spin in person, I knew I was in for a ride. I was first introduced to Automatic Panic and DJ Cat NYC who both had some killer electro sounds that kept the pretty people of Miami on their toes. I got a chance to interview them as well and discovered that Automatic Panic had just finished up a ton of remixes including work for artists such as Tegan & Sarah and even Michael Buble'. Quite Impressive!

Next up, I listened in amazement as I heard Matt Devine & Greg from the band Kill Hannah spin. They are both from Chicago so they brought an old school Chicago house flavor mixed with some nu-disco and funky electro sounds. The sound they played fit the model-filled room perfectly with a truly sexy vibe that Miami nightclubs could certainly get used to. Murkem was there to catch an interview with them.

House Legends Larry Tee & Alexander Teqnique were also in the house representing hard for their label "Dj's are not Rockstars" along with Lauren Flax & live act "The Fire & Reason." Fire & Reason took center stage and did a live performance that brought back that nostalgic discotheque feel with some new school flava that captivated the crowd while making them boogie at the same time. The rest of the D.A.N.R crew also brought down the house and left the people of Miami wanting more.

If That's not enough, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns was also there to do a dj set as well as Dangerous Muse. These Rockstars know a thing or two about rocking crowds, and it was no different at the Coco Deville. Not only was their music making all the ladies go crazy, but their haircuts also got the crowd of super-models equally excited.

This Year WMC was definitely an eye opening experience for Murkem and I. The Citrusonic Dance or Die party really helped put our passion for the dj scene in perspective, so we will be devoted to bringing you much more from WMC in the years to come. For now, enjoy some of the interviews and pictures we were able to catch from this amazing event.

Automatic Panic vs Dj Cat NYC from Murkem on Vimeo.

Mat & Greg from Kill Hannah from Murkem on Vimeo.

Jeremy & Chad from Shiny Toy Guns from Murkem on Vimeo.

Alexander Technique from Murkem on Vimeo.

MK from Murkem on Vimeo.

Lauren Flax's Dark Sounds from Murkem on Vimeo.

The Fire and Reason from Murkem on Vimeo.

Dangerous Muse from Murkem on Vimeo.

Catching up with The Classixx- WMC 2k10

I can remember the first time I had ever really heard "The Classixx" I was looking through one of The Cobrasnake's photo galleries and happened to come across a music video that he had produced for them on a song called "I'll get you." The catchy hook and melody played in my head for weeks, and I was determined to find the song in 320kbps to drop in my dj sets. At that time, it was way too new so I could only find it in 128kbps on Gotta Dance Dirty.
Since I first heard them that day, I have continued to follow "The Classixx" ever expanding musical career. At this time if you aren't, I suggest you do the same. Originally hailing from L.A., they are now touring the country dj'ing, producing their own original tracks & remixes, and also working with the french electronic label Kitsune' Music. In December 2009, Kitsune released a whole remix album for the track "I'll get you", featuring artists from the likes of Treasure Fingers, Les Gillettes, and Gigamesh from the group "Discotech."
Find it on Itunes here.

Just recently at WMC 2k10, Murkem & I got to hear them live and meet them for the first time.  Their set's contained a funky mix of rare grooves and mid-tempo dance tracks that set the perfect tone for BBQing, drinking beer, and connecting with other WMC artists. They took the time to give our pal Anthony Nicholas some advice on dating and how to handle bullies and groupies. Check out some pictures and Anthony Nicholas interview here.

Classixx's advice on Bullies from Murkem on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dungeon Familie's Dr. Dax WMC Confessions

The first night of WMC started out with a bang. Some of the biggest names in electro music were playing at Mansion that night, and Murkem and I had front row seats. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my earplugs to mansion and although that MSTRKRFT, Benni Bannassi, Wolfgang Gartner, & Japanese Pop Stars were all spinning, I decided to bounce over to White Room to kick it with Caleb Gauge from The Overthrow, and some of the other artists that were attending the " Made to Play Showcase " party that night.

When I got there, it was already quite late, but I managed to meet a variety of great artists and dj's who were making an impact on the scene. One of the most unique artists I met that night was Dr. Dax from Atlanta. He informed me he just got out of jail, but he was in town for WMC along side his homie Dj Rob Wonder promoting for his website www.snortthis.com Dax's swagger and "I don't give a fuck" attitude really promoted me to get to know him and find out what he's going on.

Although the conference was filled with the worlds greatest electronic Dj's, it was refreshing to meet someone who had a different prospective on the music scene. It turns out Dr. Dax is a renowned graffiti artist, and the moment he touched down in Miami, he already blessed the city's architecture with a graffiti piece. Aside from graffiti, Dax is also a videographer who works alongside "The Dungeon Family" and just recently filmed Big Boi and George Clinton's new video, "For Your Sorrows." For more on Dax, visit his websitewww.snortthis.com. It's better than Coke! I also got a change to get an interview with Dax on the streets of Downtown Miami, take a look and meet the man behind behind the dopeness of www.snorthis.com.

Dr. Dax Confessions from Murkem on Vimeo.

Watch his New Video with Big Boi, Too Short & Fubk Legend George Clinton!

Big Boi - Fo Yo Sorrows VIDEO ft.Too Short,George Clinton,SamChris from SNORTTHIS.COM on Vimeo.

Hot Pink Delorean at WMC 2k10

Being the worlds biggest Back to the Future Fan, any group with the name "Delorean" in it is sure to catch my attention. {And anyone else with a passion for flux capacitors for that matter.} Mix in some "Hot Pink" and you've caught the attention of all the Bodacious babes as well. But it's not just their name that makes "Hot Pink Delorean" such a deadly combination. It's their music, style and chemistry that keep them rocking crowds in the past, present, and future. Yeah, this is heavy.

Just type in their name on Hypem.com and you'll get a bazillion remixes from this Electro trio. They have been sprinkling their flavor on names ranging from Laidback Luke, Steed Lord, Enur, & even Beyonce. It seems as if these guy's really have been traveling through time and space to create all the remixes that they do. You can also catch them touring around a city near your rockin' pink and spinning some Mc "Fly" dj sets that will have you feeling like your "Back to the Future"

I first ran into these dudes back in 2009 at The Overthrow's infamous Black Sunday party as they capped off WMC that year. This Year, Murkem and I got to catch up with group member Jon, as he gave our friend Anthony Nicholas some advice on getting girls in the 305. He eventually advised us to hit up the strip club where he topped of WMC with a final epic dj set at Goldrush Downtown Miami.

Here is the interview along with some pictures of Jon from "Hot Pink Delorean"

Will wearing Hot Pink help Anthony Nicholas with woman? from Murkem on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bang Bang...Skeet Skeet

     I used to live in Davenport when I was a kid. The only thing cool there was the weather!  I never thought I would ever meet someone famous from Iowa.  While attending a rad party during Mia's WMC, DJ Skeet Skeet was found walking around outside of White Room, near Bar on Wednesday night.  Bang Bang! Skeet Skeet!  It was then, that my good old friend Anthony Nicholas and I caught up with him for an interview.     

     DJ Skeet Skeet is a Performing DJ originating from LA, but raised in Davenport Iowa.  His mom calls him "Trevor".  Becoming well known in the LA party scene, he quickly started gigging in Hollywood.  Skeet Skeet climbed the success ladder, djing with DJ's such as, Royal Rumble, The Young Americans, aka Classixx, & LA Riots. This cat has been in films and has played for huge crowds all over, including WMC 2k10.  

     The energy was through the roof during The Overthrow's explosive Bang Bang party.  The crowd was on edge and full of energy.  They danced erratically till the sun came up.  I was put on to so much new music this year at the Conference.  I can't wait till next year for more madness!

DJ Skeet Skeet's bizarre definition of the term "skeet skeet" from Murkem on Vimeo.

Here are some photos to go along.

Article by: Murkem   
Photography by: Murkem

Drop the Lime WMC 2k10

     Teaming up with The Overthrow for WMC 2k10, Anthony Nicholas and I hit Downtown Miami for 4 dope parties.  The Bang Bang party, Annie Mac, Temple of Boom & the Hard to Leave party, were all a tremendous success.  We found ourselves bouncing back and forth from Bar & White Room capturing interviews from A list Electro DJ's.  One of the DJ's we caught up with was Drop the Lime.

     Luca aka Drop the Lime is an electronic DJ/Producer, born in NYC.  He runs the dance label Trouble and Bass.  He is an innovative DJ that is known for infusing live vocals layered over original tracks.  Luca's style was an electronic odyssey of a house sound accompanied by ghettotech, dancehall, northern soul, doo wop, dubstep, and most definitely crunk!

Luca jumped on the "wheels of steel" with no introduction needed.  The crowd roared, and pumped their fists in the air ferociously. I immediately snagged some photos as the astonishing performance captivated the crowd in a melodic trance.  Drop the Lime's build ups & breakdowns were 100% mapped on count.  What really amazed me, was of course when this manic displayed his passion for the mic. To make things even better....Luca sang on the compositions that were of his own production!

     My geeky pal Anthony Nicholas interviewed him earlier that week, and decided to ask for personal advice rather than traditional interview questions.  When I fist met DTL, I never imagined for him to "murk it" as hard as he did at The Overthrow's Temple of Boom Party!  He is by far one of the best Electronic DJ's I have ever heard spin.  "There wasn't too many wobbles", I told myself.  Some melody's had a tropical feel, with spine tingling chord progressions. Oh yea...don't forget the BASS!    

Drop The Lime Advice from Nick Flash on Vimeo.

Check out the full Temple of Boom photo gallery

Article by: Murkem
Photography by: Murkem

Prometheus Springs "WMC" Debut

This year, WMC 2k10 brought an array of amazing dj's & artists down to Miami once again. Everyday and night there was party after party, headlined by collectives of the worlds most sought after dj's. Making it's first appearance this year was the new Capsaicin spiced elixir, Prometheus Springs

Everywhere you turned, artists and music fans alike seemed to have one in their hand. Everyone from Classixx to Drop the Lime to DJ Craze seemed to be raving about the stuff. The drink itself is known to provide a "happy healthy high", so it's no wonder electronic music fans would be drinking it while "raging" to their favorite artists. The drinks main ingredient, capsaicin, which is actually the active component of chili peppers, achieves this "high" by releasing endorphins that boost your mood and also your metabolism. Helping to create the buzz is the drink's marketing director Alexis Mincolla , who is also co-founder of "The Overthrow". "The Overthrow" has been responsible for booking some of the biggest acts and hosting some of the hottest parties this year for the winter music conference. Visit their website here.. The Overthrow. You can find this spicy beverage at a Whole Foods near you and you can learn more about this drink by visiting their website.. www.prometheussprings.com. Be prepared to see plenty more celebrities and rockstars drinking Prometheus Springs in the future, and plenty more WMC's fueled by this drinks fiery flavors.

Article by: Nick Flash
Photography by: Murkem

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



     On the night of March 6th 2010, Wasabi Fashion Kult, MOD Media & The Opium Group presented Miss Sixty's 2010 Spring & Summer Collection at Mansion Nightclub. It was the rite time and most definitely the rite place for Miami's top ten models to strut the collection that consisted of bright colored dresses, spring prints, and the latest denim. Whoa did they work that catwalk!                             

     There, they transformed the runway into a fashion odyssey. The airwaves were filled with the resonating sounds of world renowned superstar DJ Tamara Sky. She seamlessly laid a groove that consisted of Disco,Electro House, & 80's Rock. As the roar of the crowd built, out came the models, leaving the audience in awe! The styles were hip, the models were fabulous, and the music was groovy. "What an awesome show", I thought. With all the "eye candy" in sight, I managed to grab a few pics that described the evening.

     In conclusion, these two well established sisters, Christine & Jennifer Henry have an enormous impact on the fashion world.  Teaming up with The Opium Group, WFK, and Miss Sixty, MOD Media has once again "done it".  Check out their blog at

Full gallery here.. Miss Sixty Fashion Show

Photography by: Murkem

Alice In Wonderland Fashion Show

Inspired by the release of Tim Burton's latest "Alice in Wonderland" remake, Murkem and I decided to set out on an adventure of our own. We happened to spot an unusually sexy white rabbit running down the streets of Miami Beach in a bikini. Awestruck, we decided to follow her to see where she was off to in such a hurry. We caught up with her on the corner of Lincoln road & Washington to find out the scoop.

"I'm late, I'm late!" she screamed as she try to sprint passed us. It seemed that she was late for a runway show at SET, where she would be modeling B. Swim-wear's newest spring/summer collection hosted by the fabulous girls at Mod Media. {Model's are always late btw} She slipped us two red pills labeled "eat me" "Take these if you wanna join me" she said enticingly. Sure enough we did, and off to the party we went.

Inside, we were enveloped by a wonderland of SET's luscious soundscapes, illustrious light show, and abundance of beautiful women. Working the runway was Miami's top model's strutting their stuff in the likeness of Alice, The Mad Hatter, Tweddle dee & Tweedle Dum, and even the Wicked queen of hearts. We happened to snap a few pictures while we were inside, here's what we captured....

After the show, we were secretly invited to the Mad Hatters Tea party at an undisclosed location.The after party quickly turned into a mind altering journey filled with colorful characters & psychedelic substances.

Photography by In The Cut Studios

makeup: faye gutkind, mckenzie fawcett-hunt, karla hirkaler, and alejandro acosta

Hair jose guerrero, and kaaren terpack

Full Gallery Here....  Alice & Wonderland Fashion Show