Thursday, March 12, 2009

Glass Couture

In Miami, fashion is a way of life.
The City is Beaming With Culture, Creativity, Style, & Success.

Some of the of the most Successful of Miami Society party at "The Forge" home of a swanky little discotheque named Glass,
which is Closing this week for some renovations and will reopen by the end of the year looking better than ever.

Wednesday Nights at "Glass" were nights of pandemonium, fueled by an eclectic mix of dance music, exceptional bottle service, and opulent attire sported by celebrities, sports superstars, and jet setting millionaires from all over the world.

Expect parties @ "Glass" to be even Bigger and even better when they reopen.

Wednesday's at Glass were hosted by owner and wine connoisseur Shariff Malnick, along with "Live Life Ent", one of Miami's Hottest Promotion Teams.

Greg Trujillo, Anthony Silverio, Adolfo Ospino, and Orlando Amorin.

These Guys are Responsible for some of The Hottest events In all of Miami.

Here is a look at some swanky fashions Ive captured at "Glass"

Photo's and Article By Nick Flash

More Photo's From Glass Here...Bottles & Models