Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{Style Profile} Charis Kirchheimer

Miami never ceases to amaze me with it's amount of talented, creative, and driven individuals that I meet there. Just recently, I wrote an article about Alexis Mincolla and his Infamous "Black Sunday" parties. To Me, Black Sunday is a new kind of party trend that I see eventually see sweeping the nation and being copied by club promoters and party enthusiasts around the nation.
Alexis and his crew are definitely the originators . Check out the article here...A Hurricane of Rad
Unfortunately, when I wrote that article I failed to give proper credit where proper credit is due.

Let me Introduce you to Charis Kirchheimer. Charis is a creative genius & photographer who's work is on it's way to setting trends in style that no ones even dreamed of yet. Her talent knows no bounds, and is pushing the limits of what is even possible with a camera and an idea.
The photo's she takes are really what brings "Black Sunday's" murder video's to life, and without her, they wouldn't have the rad factor that they do today.

Check Out Charis's Blog Here and Become a Follower Kill Yourself, all the cool kids are doing it

Also check out her Flickr. Charis Flickr

Charis' innovativeness, along with the people she works with are setting her apart from most artists out there that I come across. She is already working close with Stian Petter Roening, a Playboy photographer and all around innovator, Dj Tamara Sky, and Danny Daze of Discotech.
I'll Have articles on them in the future so look out for that.

I had the Pleasure of meeting Charis the other night for the first time, and she sent me some interesting pics that she took for a new book she is working on "Dirty Laundry". Here are a few.

Her Most Recent Photo shoot is For "The Fontainblu's" Newest Wednesday night party "Dirty Hairy" which is sponsored by Overthrow Miami, and Alexis Mincolla, one of her closest confidants . Here is A preview of the "Cat Fight" photo shoot..... more to come.