Thursday, October 22, 2009

How an idea became a reality- "beScene"

I'm a big believer that any dream you have can come true. I truly believe that anything is possible.

For me, I have alot of dreams. As a kid, my imagination ran wild and to this day it still keeps me motivated and as creative as ever.

Not to long ago, I met a girl at a Fashion show named Carla Caceres. Her passion is fashion and the arts. We began collaborating on photoshoots and brainstorming like crazy on projects we could do together.

Her knack for style and flair for leadership led me to believe that she could start her own magazine. I told her to start a blog and gather up some great writers and artists and sure enough, she did just that!! In less than a year she has assembled a group of talented writers, photographers and artists and is now launching the first issue of her very own magazine "beScene"!!

Although I am not as involved with this project as I was at first, expect there to be some great collaborations with Nick Flash & beScene in the future!

Untill then, RSVP now to this extraordinary magazine launch at SET nightclub Nov 7th. and remember, follow your dreams and they will come true!