Thursday, April 2, 2009

A peek @ Miami Fashion Week By Carla A. Caceres

Miami Fashion Week is an annual event held in Miami, Florida. It is held every year during the spring in the Wynwood Arts District and other hip spots around the beautiful city of Miami. Fashion Week was started in 1998 and it is the world's largest fashion event for Latin American and Caribbean fashion designers.

I was invited to many events during Fashion Week, and I made sure I was there to attend the hottest ones to give you the inside scoop. A couple that I attended were Miami Fashion Week in Soho Studios & Rock Fashion Week at the Fountain Bleau. These events included names such as : Lei Marco {He has been featured on Fashion TV many times, you can check out his website here} Abi Ferrin {I really liked her because she not only designs, but she has a great cause behind it all.} Abi Ferrin and her team are working with two rescue organizations who shelter the women out of the sex trade while they provide them with alternatives to abusive employment, you can check her website out at I got to check out these designers and many more. They were all amazing!

With all the madness that was going down in Miami Beach this week, no wonder all the stars wanted to "Be Scene" in Miami's alluring nightlife. I am happy to say I met some stars for myself including: Kristin Cavallari, Paul Oakenfold, Russel Simmons and Tommy Hilfiger, all at amazing venues and events, and thats just to name a few!

Here are some pics from the Abi Ferrin show, shot by Nick Flash. Enjoy!

Stay tuned, I'll be bringing you some more life of the fabulous soon.

ciao ciao,

Carla A.