Monday, May 11, 2009

251 Palm Beach {The V.I.P's V.I.P} Article & pics by Nick Flash

Palm Beach's landmark nightclub 251 is back and better than ever. Last Thursday, Y-100's Kato K held his album release party there, and needless to say, he brought the HOUSE down with his high energy beats. If you happened to miss it, I'm here to give you the recap.

It was the first time I had ever been to this club 251, and I must say, I was very skeptical on how this party would turn out, due to my countless disappointment with the nightlife in palm beach county. I was cordially invited by Caitlin Moores, a fresh new face in the nightclub scene and one of the best party hosts I have met in the course of my travels through club life. Caitlin, along with her partner Brooke Helvie gave this event an extra dose of charm and class, and really did a spectacular job at connecting the who's who of palm beach and making them feel like a million bucks.

The V.I.P service in 251 is second to none. The bottles service is spectacular, the couches are big and spacious, and there is plenty of beautiful people abound. The servers, Monika and Meredith really give the V.I.P an extra special quality as they are beautiful, charming, and seem to magically be right there whenever their guests need a refill. The bar staff is also some of the best in palm beach and really give this club the extra personality that makes it great.

I of course was there taking pictures so I could bring you all the madness of 251 first hand,
check out the whole gallery of this night here.... 251 A.M.

Here is a Sneak Preview.

Stay Tuned for more Great events at 251 Hosted By the Best in the Biz..

Gus Renny
Jean Marc
Adam Lipson
Sean Ferriria
Caitlin Moores
Brooke Helvie
Maria Bove
Monika & Meredith
Marlon Cox
Gracia Maria

and just possibly....Nick Flash