Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bang Bang...Skeet Skeet

     I used to live in Davenport when I was a kid. The only thing cool there was the weather!  I never thought I would ever meet someone famous from Iowa.  While attending a rad party during Mia's WMC, DJ Skeet Skeet was found walking around outside of White Room, near Bar on Wednesday night.  Bang Bang! Skeet Skeet!  It was then, that my good old friend Anthony Nicholas and I caught up with him for an interview.     

     DJ Skeet Skeet is a Performing DJ originating from LA, but raised in Davenport Iowa.  His mom calls him "Trevor".  Becoming well known in the LA party scene, he quickly started gigging in Hollywood.  Skeet Skeet climbed the success ladder, djing with DJ's such as, Royal Rumble, The Young Americans, aka Classixx, & LA Riots. This cat has been in films and has played for huge crowds all over, including WMC 2k10.  

     The energy was through the roof during The Overthrow's explosive Bang Bang party.  The crowd was on edge and full of energy.  They danced erratically till the sun came up.  I was put on to so much new music this year at the Conference.  I can't wait till next year for more madness!

DJ Skeet Skeet's bizarre definition of the term "skeet skeet" from Murkem on Vimeo.

Here are some photos to go along.

Article by: Murkem   
Photography by: Murkem

Drop the Lime WMC 2k10

     Teaming up with The Overthrow for WMC 2k10, Anthony Nicholas and I hit Downtown Miami for 4 dope parties.  The Bang Bang party, Annie Mac, Temple of Boom & the Hard to Leave party, were all a tremendous success.  We found ourselves bouncing back and forth from Bar & White Room capturing interviews from A list Electro DJ's.  One of the DJ's we caught up with was Drop the Lime.

     Luca aka Drop the Lime is an electronic DJ/Producer, born in NYC.  He runs the dance label Trouble and Bass.  He is an innovative DJ that is known for infusing live vocals layered over original tracks.  Luca's style was an electronic odyssey of a house sound accompanied by ghettotech, dancehall, northern soul, doo wop, dubstep, and most definitely crunk!

Luca jumped on the "wheels of steel" with no introduction needed.  The crowd roared, and pumped their fists in the air ferociously. I immediately snagged some photos as the astonishing performance captivated the crowd in a melodic trance.  Drop the Lime's build ups & breakdowns were 100% mapped on count.  What really amazed me, was of course when this manic displayed his passion for the mic. To make things even better....Luca sang on the compositions that were of his own production!

     My geeky pal Anthony Nicholas interviewed him earlier that week, and decided to ask for personal advice rather than traditional interview questions.  When I fist met DTL, I never imagined for him to "murk it" as hard as he did at The Overthrow's Temple of Boom Party!  He is by far one of the best Electronic DJ's I have ever heard spin.  "There wasn't too many wobbles", I told myself.  Some melody's had a tropical feel, with spine tingling chord progressions. Oh yea...don't forget the BASS!    

Drop The Lime Advice from Nick Flash on Vimeo.

Check out the full Temple of Boom photo gallery

Article by: Murkem
Photography by: Murkem

Prometheus Springs "WMC" Debut

This year, WMC 2k10 brought an array of amazing dj's & artists down to Miami once again. Everyday and night there was party after party, headlined by collectives of the worlds most sought after dj's. Making it's first appearance this year was the new Capsaicin spiced elixir, Prometheus Springs

Everywhere you turned, artists and music fans alike seemed to have one in their hand. Everyone from Classixx to Drop the Lime to DJ Craze seemed to be raving about the stuff. The drink itself is known to provide a "happy healthy high", so it's no wonder electronic music fans would be drinking it while "raging" to their favorite artists. The drinks main ingredient, capsaicin, which is actually the active component of chili peppers, achieves this "high" by releasing endorphins that boost your mood and also your metabolism. Helping to create the buzz is the drink's marketing director Alexis Mincolla , who is also co-founder of "The Overthrow". "The Overthrow" has been responsible for booking some of the biggest acts and hosting some of the hottest parties this year for the winter music conference. Visit their website here.. The Overthrow. You can find this spicy beverage at a Whole Foods near you and you can learn more about this drink by visiting their website.. www.prometheussprings.com. Be prepared to see plenty more celebrities and rockstars drinking Prometheus Springs in the future, and plenty more WMC's fueled by this drinks fiery flavors.

Article by: Nick Flash
Photography by: Murkem

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



     On the night of March 6th 2010, Wasabi Fashion Kult, MOD Media & The Opium Group presented Miss Sixty's 2010 Spring & Summer Collection at Mansion Nightclub. It was the rite time and most definitely the rite place for Miami's top ten models to strut the collection that consisted of bright colored dresses, spring prints, and the latest denim. Whoa did they work that catwalk!                             

     There, they transformed the runway into a fashion odyssey. The airwaves were filled with the resonating sounds of world renowned superstar DJ Tamara Sky. She seamlessly laid a groove that consisted of Disco,Electro House, & 80's Rock. As the roar of the crowd built, out came the models, leaving the audience in awe! The styles were hip, the models were fabulous, and the music was groovy. "What an awesome show", I thought. With all the "eye candy" in sight, I managed to grab a few pics that described the evening.

     In conclusion, these two well established sisters, Christine & Jennifer Henry have an enormous impact on the fashion world.  Teaming up with The Opium Group, WFK, and Miss Sixty, MOD Media has once again "done it".  Check out their blog at

Full gallery here.. Miss Sixty Fashion Show

Photography by: Murkem

Alice In Wonderland Fashion Show

Inspired by the release of Tim Burton's latest "Alice in Wonderland" remake, Murkem and I decided to set out on an adventure of our own. We happened to spot an unusually sexy white rabbit running down the streets of Miami Beach in a bikini. Awestruck, we decided to follow her to see where she was off to in such a hurry. We caught up with her on the corner of Lincoln road & Washington to find out the scoop.

"I'm late, I'm late!" she screamed as she try to sprint passed us. It seemed that she was late for a runway show at SET, where she would be modeling B. Swim-wear's newest spring/summer collection hosted by the fabulous girls at Mod Media. {Model's are always late btw} She slipped us two red pills labeled "eat me" "Take these if you wanna join me" she said enticingly. Sure enough we did, and off to the party we went.

Inside, we were enveloped by a wonderland of SET's luscious soundscapes, illustrious light show, and abundance of beautiful women. Working the runway was Miami's top model's strutting their stuff in the likeness of Alice, The Mad Hatter, Tweddle dee & Tweedle Dum, and even the Wicked queen of hearts. We happened to snap a few pictures while we were inside, here's what we captured....

After the show, we were secretly invited to the Mad Hatters Tea party at an undisclosed location.The after party quickly turned into a mind altering journey filled with colorful characters & psychedelic substances.

Photography by In The Cut Studios

makeup: faye gutkind, mckenzie fawcett-hunt, karla hirkaler, and alejandro acosta

Hair jose guerrero, and kaaren terpack

Full Gallery Here....  Alice & Wonderland Fashion Show

Pizza & Beer

Now that Murkem & I are living in Miami beach at 1300 social club, we are literally blocks away from all the action. The other night, I decided to go downstairs for some pizza & beer and I ended up having a wild night of partying! My first stop was Automatic Slims, where there was $1 beers and a $200 pole dancing contest! Luckily I had my camera with me to capture some of the madness, heres a few of the shots I got.. enjoy!

Full gallery here.......