Thursday, March 26, 2009

Style So Chic

CAUTION. My name is Russell Stevens a.k.a. DJ Murkem. I am a DJ/Photographer on the rise. I also am a loyal colleague of Mastermind Nick Flash.

If my fellow collaborator's name is unfamiliar to the unfortunate , let me backspin the wax and drop it again.... DJ Nick Flash. WHOA, look out because this phat cat is anything but calm & collective. Call him Flash, not Garfield, for he never sits around obesely eating. It is even rumored that he doesn't sleep. Flash has been known to be pointed out, like "Where's Waldo" behind the old 1's & 2's, leaking his bone tingling tracks through hipster joints all over South FLA. If this creative dude isn't laying a memorable groove at your local jump off, then Flash is transforming into a networking monster through the Mac Airport Extreme Waves.

Recently, Flash & his thorough crew have mingled their ways into the extravagant life of high fashion, through the hot blog site This site along with
t are fulfilled with high definition photography, along with links to other raw media. Flash & his diligent associates have inspired me to become a more creative person in a complete 360 degree direction. By steadily updating the blog spot with mind blowing posts daily, this artistic pack will conquer what ever endeavors they are put up against with ease.

I Russell Stevens have been shooting photos for only a few months now. I was wondering when and how I could contribute some media for the blog, with my crazy busy schedule as a DJ. Well, on Wednesday 25th 2009, I found myself DJing an upscale fashion show for a very fabulous boutique by the name of Style So Chic. Style So Chic is located centrally in the warm heart of Abacoa Town Center, in beautiful Jupiter Beach Florida.

The Lolita Jaca Collection available online at

Owner Lethey Biggins, along with her knowledgeable staff insisted that I take photos of the stunning Summer 2009, "Lolita Jaca" collection from St. Barths. Sexy, yet conserative dresses and other elegant threads were amazingly displayed throughout Lethey's clothing store. Between spinning cultivating melodies, I some how found the time that was required to capture several stellar shots of the gorgeous models and how the "Lolita Jaca" collection hugged their Coca Cola shaped bodies.

After anxiously speaking with Nick Flash about my awesome day, Flash topped the already epic event by congratulating me on my photos, along with posting them in the clever online journal of our lives. What an inspiring mad scientist of a friend! Right..Right? Inspiration.....Is it in you?

Check out the Style So Chic photos. Enjoy them, and all the other rad links that are happily provided to everyone who shares the same passion for Music, Fashion, Photography, & art in general.

Check out my other pictures here Dj Murkem Photography

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Super J at The Improv

Here at "Be Scene" one of my main focuses is to bring you what I think is the hippest & freshest styles and trends before they hit the mainstream. I've always known I've had a knack for discovering new talent, so I am here to introduce you to a fresh new face that soon will have a big impact on the comedy scene. His name is Jordan Garnett aka. Super J.

Jordan is only 17 years old, but his sense of humor and delivery of jokes puts him in the ranks of some of the best comedians in the business.I first ran into "Super J " on myspace about a year ago. Check it out here
At the time, he was hosting a weekly podcast that had me rolling on the floor in hysteria every time I heard it. He was only a freshman or sophomore in high school then, but he already had half of the school following him online and anxious to hear what antics he was up to from week to week. Aside from that, he was also posting hilarious video's on youtube reminiscent of old school Tom Green videos, but with his own unique twist.

Check out his Youtube Channel here.. Jordan On You Tube

After realizing what comedic potential was shining through this young man, I decided to hit him up and try to get a project going for him in the studio. My idea was to create a kind of comedy album for him similar to the style Adam Sandler used to do before he started making Blockbuster movies. It never went through quite like I had planned however, because both of us had crazy busy schedules. Nevertheless, I had stressed to him that he should take his love for comedy and hit the stage and do some stand up. Needless to say, that's what he did, Hard.

Tuesday, March 24th 2009 was open mic night at the improv and Jordan's first time ever hitting the stage. Me and A bunch of Jordan's close friends, family & fans came out to support him. Butterfly's in his stomach and first time jitters were hitting him hard as he thought of all the big name comidians like Dane Cook and others who bombed the first time they went on stage. There was alot riding on his performance becuase the funniest new comidian gets a shot at $300 and a chance to open for all the top headlining comedians that come into town to perform at the improv.

Jordan was competeing against 14 other comedians who had plenty more stage experience than he did, and had been doing stand-up Much Much longer. I must say, I was nervous just waiting for him to get on stage because most of the other comedians were pretty damn funny. When Jordan hit the stage though, he had the audience captivated from the moment he set foot on the wooden stage. For a First-timer, he had the audience roaring with laughter as he not only told funny jokes, but he used his youthful energy to deliver a comidec presence like non other that the audience had ever seen before.

At the end of the night, after they tallyed up all the votes, Jordan had won first place, and beat out all the other comedians who had stepped on stage with him. He will now be in the finals on April 21st 2009 to compete for the grand prize I mentioned earlier. His family and fans went balistic and showed him mad love when they heard the great news. here are some pics I took of Jordan tearing up the stage. His teacher was there filmng the whole thing, so if I can get ahold of the tape, I will surely share it with you all.

Ahhh The Glory of hard work and persistence...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{Style Profile} Charis Kirchheimer

Miami never ceases to amaze me with it's amount of talented, creative, and driven individuals that I meet there. Just recently, I wrote an article about Alexis Mincolla and his Infamous "Black Sunday" parties. To Me, Black Sunday is a new kind of party trend that I see eventually see sweeping the nation and being copied by club promoters and party enthusiasts around the nation.
Alexis and his crew are definitely the originators . Check out the article here...A Hurricane of Rad
Unfortunately, when I wrote that article I failed to give proper credit where proper credit is due.

Let me Introduce you to Charis Kirchheimer. Charis is a creative genius & photographer who's work is on it's way to setting trends in style that no ones even dreamed of yet. Her talent knows no bounds, and is pushing the limits of what is even possible with a camera and an idea.
The photo's she takes are really what brings "Black Sunday's" murder video's to life, and without her, they wouldn't have the rad factor that they do today.

Check Out Charis's Blog Here and Become a Follower Kill Yourself, all the cool kids are doing it

Also check out her Flickr. Charis Flickr

Charis' innovativeness, along with the people she works with are setting her apart from most artists out there that I come across. She is already working close with Stian Petter Roening, a Playboy photographer and all around innovator, Dj Tamara Sky, and Danny Daze of Discotech.
I'll Have articles on them in the future so look out for that.

I had the Pleasure of meeting Charis the other night for the first time, and she sent me some interesting pics that she took for a new book she is working on "Dirty Laundry". Here are a few.

Her Most Recent Photo shoot is For "The Fontainblu's" Newest Wednesday night party "Dirty Hairy" which is sponsored by Overthrow Miami, and Alexis Mincolla, one of her closest confidants . Here is A preview of the "Cat Fight" photo shoot..... more to come.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green "Beer" Day

I Hope all you laddies and lassies had a fantastic St. Patty's Day!

I know I did. See all of my St. Patty's day antics here.

Green Day

P.S. Drink Heineken!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nick Flash.Net

Today, I've officially launched my official website Nick Flash.Net

This Website gives you access to everything I put my creative spin on, from my own original music & dj sets, my photography, links to my blogs and a whole lot more.

Check it out!!

Nick Flash.Net

Monday, March 16, 2009

J Felix for Evian

Dj J Felix, One Of South Beach's Super Star Dj's, Drink's Evian to Keep Him Spinnin the Hottest Records till The Break of Dawn.

Check Out his myspace here,

Download His Remixes Here.

Check out Evian Here.

Behind "The Scene's" Kristina Ashley Swimwear Spring Break 2009

For Spring Break 2009, Miami is THE place to be. Vacationers from all over the world are down in Miami enjoying it's beautiful beaches, tropical weather, and one of a kind party scene.

One of the most popular Hotels to stay is the decadent "Shore Club"
Visit their Website here. The Shore Club

Every Sunday "The Shore Club" throws the wildest pool party's on South Beach where all the Movers, Shakers, and Beautiful people come to get loose.
{This Party is Hosted By Club Guru JAVI ZAYAS, and is fueled by music provided by Miami Heats own Dj Irie}

This week, I was Behind the Scene's at The Shore Clubs pool party to bring you an exclusive look at one of south beaches newest fashion designers Kristina Ashley, and her new line of swimwear.

Visit her website here Kristina Ashley Online

Her New Line of Swimwear was inspired by Musical Legend Bob Marley, and her runway shows are always modeled by Miamis most beautiful up and coming fashion models.
Take a look at her new line.

When Your by the pool, make sure you your sippin' on some Bombay Sapphire.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Glass Couture

In Miami, fashion is a way of life.
The City is Beaming With Culture, Creativity, Style, & Success.

Some of the of the most Successful of Miami Society party at "The Forge" home of a swanky little discotheque named Glass,
which is Closing this week for some renovations and will reopen by the end of the year looking better than ever.

Wednesday Nights at "Glass" were nights of pandemonium, fueled by an eclectic mix of dance music, exceptional bottle service, and opulent attire sported by celebrities, sports superstars, and jet setting millionaires from all over the world.

Expect parties @ "Glass" to be even Bigger and even better when they reopen.

Wednesday's at Glass were hosted by owner and wine connoisseur Shariff Malnick, along with "Live Life Ent", one of Miami's Hottest Promotion Teams.

Greg Trujillo, Anthony Silverio, Adolfo Ospino, and Orlando Amorin.

These Guys are Responsible for some of The Hottest events In all of Miami.

Here is a look at some swanky fashions Ive captured at "Glass"

Photo's and Article By Nick Flash

More Photo's From Glass Here...Bottles & Models