Friday, April 9, 2010

Citrusonic's Dance or Die WMC2k10

Thursday night at WMC was by far the coolest for me. We ended up attending Citrusonic's "Dance or Die" party at the Coco De Ville. I had been hyped about this party weeks before it actually started when I heard about it from my good pal "Dj So What", out in San Francisco. Dave, AKA "Dj So What!" had been raving about these artists ever since I've known him, so with his his help,  he arranged for us to get inside with our cameras.

The line-up of Dj's was absolutely spectacular, and although I had never heard any of them spin in person, I knew I was in for a ride. I was first introduced to Automatic Panic and DJ Cat NYC who both had some killer electro sounds that kept the pretty people of Miami on their toes. I got a chance to interview them as well and discovered that Automatic Panic had just finished up a ton of remixes including work for artists such as Tegan & Sarah and even Michael Buble'. Quite Impressive!

Next up, I listened in amazement as I heard Matt Devine & Greg from the band Kill Hannah spin. They are both from Chicago so they brought an old school Chicago house flavor mixed with some nu-disco and funky electro sounds. The sound they played fit the model-filled room perfectly with a truly sexy vibe that Miami nightclubs could certainly get used to. Murkem was there to catch an interview with them.

House Legends Larry Tee & Alexander Teqnique were also in the house representing hard for their label "Dj's are not Rockstars" along with Lauren Flax & live act "The Fire & Reason." Fire & Reason took center stage and did a live performance that brought back that nostalgic discotheque feel with some new school flava that captivated the crowd while making them boogie at the same time. The rest of the D.A.N.R crew also brought down the house and left the people of Miami wanting more.

If That's not enough, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns was also there to do a dj set as well as Dangerous Muse. These Rockstars know a thing or two about rocking crowds, and it was no different at the Coco Deville. Not only was their music making all the ladies go crazy, but their haircuts also got the crowd of super-models equally excited.

This Year WMC was definitely an eye opening experience for Murkem and I. The Citrusonic Dance or Die party really helped put our passion for the dj scene in perspective, so we will be devoted to bringing you much more from WMC in the years to come. For now, enjoy some of the interviews and pictures we were able to catch from this amazing event.

Automatic Panic vs Dj Cat NYC from Murkem on Vimeo.

Mat & Greg from Kill Hannah from Murkem on Vimeo.

Jeremy & Chad from Shiny Toy Guns from Murkem on Vimeo.

Alexander Technique from Murkem on Vimeo.

MK from Murkem on Vimeo.

Lauren Flax's Dark Sounds from Murkem on Vimeo.

The Fire and Reason from Murkem on Vimeo.

Dangerous Muse from Murkem on Vimeo.

Catching up with The Classixx- WMC 2k10

I can remember the first time I had ever really heard "The Classixx" I was looking through one of The Cobrasnake's photo galleries and happened to come across a music video that he had produced for them on a song called "I'll get you." The catchy hook and melody played in my head for weeks, and I was determined to find the song in 320kbps to drop in my dj sets. At that time, it was way too new so I could only find it in 128kbps on Gotta Dance Dirty.
Since I first heard them that day, I have continued to follow "The Classixx" ever expanding musical career. At this time if you aren't, I suggest you do the same. Originally hailing from L.A., they are now touring the country dj'ing, producing their own original tracks & remixes, and also working with the french electronic label Kitsune' Music. In December 2009, Kitsune released a whole remix album for the track "I'll get you", featuring artists from the likes of Treasure Fingers, Les Gillettes, and Gigamesh from the group "Discotech."
Find it on Itunes here.

Just recently at WMC 2k10, Murkem & I got to hear them live and meet them for the first time.  Their set's contained a funky mix of rare grooves and mid-tempo dance tracks that set the perfect tone for BBQing, drinking beer, and connecting with other WMC artists. They took the time to give our pal Anthony Nicholas some advice on dating and how to handle bullies and groupies. Check out some pictures and Anthony Nicholas interview here.

Classixx's advice on Bullies from Murkem on Vimeo.