Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Circus Chic- Christina Haddad {Article and Styling by Kristina Rodriguez & Carla A.}

Styling by Carla A. & Kristina Rodriguez

Article by Kristina Rodriguez

Modeling Christina Haddad

Make-up by Monique Valdez

Head Piece by Monique Hernandez

Photography by Nick Flash

Optical Engineer- Bryan Russell

When Carla first came to me with the idea of a Circus shoot I was
ecstatic. Having just graduated from the University of Art and Design,
one of my final projects was a ready to wear Circus collection (post
Britney Spears.) I automatically thought of role playing, what makes a
circus? Clowns? Ring Masters? Lion Tamers? Magicians? It’s a world of
magic, dreams, and imagination. We decided to break the shoot up into
separate looks, playing on the roles of these circus professionals.

The first look Carla and I designed was for the leader of the pack, it
was this Ring Master look that set the whole circus theme off. We took
a black vintage dress and a handmade designer head piece, made by our
talented friend Monique Hernandez, and turned the Ring Master into the
epitome of fashion.

Next, we took the Lion Tamer inspiration and turned her electric chic.
To achieve this look I used high suede boots, high wasted black biker
shorts, and a black era descent tube top. What gave this look the pop
I was going for was the vintage sequin green blazer. This vintage
piece was worn by my grandmother long ago when she roamed the streets
of Cuba in the 1950’s.

For the third look I wanted to do something fun, something that some
of us as kids loved and some of us feared. We took one of the Circus
academies tie dyed jumpsuit a red belt and turned Cristy into our
modern day Clown.

Although the Circus has many faces, we couldn’t help but to choose to
finish up our shoot with the most entertaining act of all, The Trapeze
Artist in all her glory. What made Christy so glorious you may ask?
Well, it was in up-stairs room of the Academy that I found this
fabulous one piece lying on the heap of custom-made customs.

Now I’m left with wondering… When does The Ringley Brothers and Barnum
Bailey Circus come to town?