Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Hangover Feat Flo-Rida {True Story} by Nick Flash

Download my new song here!!

Flo-Rida feat Nick Flash- Mr.Hangover.MP3


In the party scene, there are responsible drinkers and irresponsible drinkers. I always liked to think I was being responsible and under control but last Thursday I proved otherwise. Jamie Foxx's hit song "Blame it on the Alcohol" really describes my night in detail. A mixture of Grey Goose, Patron, Heineken & Champagne was my recipe for disaster. After bouncing around with some friends to the hottest South Beach nightclubs, we ended up at SET where I truly "Got Loose off the Goose." After leaving Set, my night was a a blur.....all that I remember after that was waking up on my friends couch with some a ruined tie and dress shirt thanks to me puking in a taxi cab. Geez.... Anywayz, from now on I solemnly swear to be a responsible drinker or not even drink at all when I'm out snapping pics at nightclubs.

Enjoy the songs and remember, Don't Drink & Drive!!