Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fairy Tales Come True: Rosie Hardy {Written by Nick Flash}

Check this out!! Rosie Hardy Flickr

Fairy Tales are real. We all hold the key that unlocks our enchanting destiny.It is up to us to dig deep into our imaginations and bring our fairy tales to life.

Skeptics will constantly try to persuade us that magic is all a trick, love is all an illusion, and there are never any happy endings. This type of pessimism is why nowadays fairy tales are few and far between. Violence is at an all time high, the divorce rate is through the roof, and books are being avoided by our youth in order to be entertained by video games & blue ray discs. It is clear to me that through Rosie Hardy's artwork, imagination & fantasy shall conquer all.

I recently discovered Rosie Hardy's photography on a blog called I Hunt Zombies and was instantly memorized. I had never really seen anything like it. Her self portraits are so surreal they look almost like a watercolor painting. I wondered just how in the heck she was able to create such images with only a camera and then It dawned on me...fairy tale magic.

Her photo's tell the stories of fantasy, wonder, happiness, sorrow, pain, tragedy and TRUE LOVE. After meeting her true life prince, Aaron Nace {on Flickr), their romance blossomed into into extraordinary works of art that gives 1,000's of their online fans hope that one day they will find their soul mate and live happily ever after. Read their incredible love story here.
Rosie & Aaron's Romantic Tale

Rosie's Fairy-Tale is not all flowers & sunshine though, their are many out there who despise her for her imagination and romantic love life. Critics from all over continue to say her work is plagiarism, and they slander her in blogs and magazines from all around the globe. Here is one of her biggest critics...Rosie's ART Slander

While the agnostic will continue to live in their clouded world of pessimism and knock the existence of fairy-tales, it is up to us to truly look deep inside ourselves and use our wonderful gift of imagination to make all of our dreams come true. As you look at Rosie's photo's, you will become immersed in a land of fantasy you never knew existed.

Check it out once again and lemme know what you think.

Rosie Hardy Flickr

The pictures I used for this blog were taken from her myspace with the intent ONLY to promote her Flickr and share her art with the world, not for financial gain or reproduction.

Find her myspace here.... Rosie Hardy Myspace

Let's Play House

So much of my favorite hip-hop in the world has been created from sampling old school funk records.

Digital Underground's 1989 smash hit "The Humpty Dance" features excerpts from Parliament's "Let's play House" and puts a unique hip-hop spin on it. Buy it on Amazon!

Humpty Dance Single on

I will continue to post tracks weekly to educate you on where certain rap artists got their inspiration from.

Parliament- Let's Play House

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance

Bonus track from my fabulous 90's hip hop collection

Tha Dogg Pound- let's Play House

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nick Flash- WRMF Radio Mix.Mp3

Although I can't stand mainstream radio's day to day programming, I was asked by WRMF to make a mix that they would be able to use on a 5 o'clock.

West Palm Beach's WRMF plays a mix of the 80's 90's & today.

Here is my take on radio turntableisim..... Nick Flash- WRMF MIX .MP3

Right Click it and download it!!

Nick Flash- I Turn My Camera on .Mp3

Nick Flash here with a brand new freestyle for ya!

Right Click and download my rendition of Spoon's "I turn my camera on"

Nick Flash- I Turn My Camera On.Mp3

This freestyle is a tale of my crazy adventures in photography. For more wild pictures that I snap, click here... Nick Flash Photography

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nick Flash "The Champagne King"

Be on the lookout for Nick Flash doing alot of work with Perrier Jouet...
For now, enjoy some art, and some music by Evelyn "Champagne" King

Evelyn "Champagne" King- I'm in Love

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keep Ya Head Up

I really miss Tupac. He music was raw & real, not sugar coated and fake like so much of the hip-hop I hear on the radio these days.

After digging in the crates for some old school funk this week, I stumbled upon a track by a funky dude named Zapp called "Be Alright" I was trying to pinpoint what rapper sampled this beat, then suddenly it dawned on me....PAC on "Keep Ya head Up"

Pac sampled this beat from Zapp and then called on Danny Boy to sing the chorus from an old school soul track from The Five Stairsteps, "Ooh Child"

Check out Pac's version, and compare the old tracks he sampled from. Email me which version you like better!! I must say... even though I love Pac, I'm feeling Zapp's version the best.

Hit Up Itunes or Amazon and buy some Tupac!

Tupac- Keep Ya Head Up

Zapp- Be Alright

The Five Stairsteps- O-O-H Child

Disco Rebel: Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is a true disco rebel. At only 25, he has taken the club scene by storm with his first album, "I created disco" and a whole new slew of remixes that dj's all over the globe are spinning.I had to share these remixes with you all cause they are all bangin!
His Remix of katy Perry's wakin' up in vegas actually makes me like hearing Miss Perry's voice.

Buy His albums here..Calvin Harris on Amazon

Be on the lookout for his new album dropping later this year.

Cut Copy- Hearts on Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)

Passion Pit- The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)

Katy Perry- Waking up in Vegas (Calvin Harris Remix)

Style Profile: "Lauren Marie Pelaez" Photos by Nik Martiez, Styling by Stephanie Farah

Here at beScene, we are always looking for new models and fresh faces to work with.

Lauren Marie Pelaez is an up an coming model out of Miami, who just recently did a photoshoot with my my main man Nik Martnez.

Here is his portrayal of the shoot....

What can I say, working with Lauren was probably one of the funniest moments I've enjoyed in a long time. Our goal of this photoshoot was more of a "zombie" looking person. We found this great abandoned asylum that was all broken down and tagged up w/ graffiti so we though it should do the trick. Along for the ride was a great friend of ours, Stephanie Farah who was the MUA & Stylist for the shoot. She is currently attending The Art Institute, majoring in Fashion and is excellent at what she does. Lauren was very energtic, alive, expressive and comfortable with anything I shot at her. She was ready for whatever and is someone I will be working with more in the near future for upcoming projects.

Check out Nik's Flickr here.. Flickr

Old School Promo Vinyl- Slick Rick

Nick Flash will be sharing his Vinyl Collection with you from week to week.

Here is a classic record of "The Show" Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh's first single.

This record is one that really influenced myself & many hip hop artists, and helped pave the way for a new generation of rapers & beatboxers.

Be sure to go to Itunes & purchase Slick Rick's classic album, "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick"

Till then, here's "The Show", fresh off Nick Flash's Vinyl.

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh - La-Di-Da-Di

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh- The Show

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh- The Show {Instrumental}

If you Listen to Biggies hit "hypnotize" you can tell he sampled the hook from the lyrical Professor, Slick Rick"

Remember this Old School MTV hip hop week commercial??

Linus Loves VH1 & Fleetwood Mac

After Asking the Question "What are you listening to at the moment?" on Twitter the other day, one of my old friends sent me a list of tracks. One song he was jamming out to was in particular was "VH1" by Linus Loves.

Linus Loves sampled one of my favorite groups of all time Fleetwood Mac on VH1 with their smash hit "Big Love"

Have a listen to Linus Loves and Fleetwood Mac by clicking on the links below, Enjoy!

Linus Loves Vh1

Fleetwood Mac- Big Love

Fleetwood Mac- Big Love "Live"

Bonus Track- Linus Loves- Sexyback

Be sure to go to I tunes and Pick up a copy of Linus Loves "Sexyback"

And be sure to BUY any and ALL fleetwood mac albums you can afford.

Start by Checking out "Rumors" "Greatest Hits" and their Live album "The Dance"

It will bring tears to your eyes, trust me!!


-----Nick Flash-------

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Theophilus London Live at Rok Bar with Danny Daze {Article by Nick Flash}

As I scour the disco universe in search of all that is rad an innovative, I can almost always put my trust in "Overthrow" that they will deliver a slammin' party no matter what, when or where.

Tuesday, May 19th was the first time "Overthrow" {Alexis Mincola & Sam Baum} teamed up with south beach's nightclub guru Sebastian Puga to bring you a fresh event at Miami's Rock N' Roll themed discotheque, "Rok Bar." They brought in the lyrical stylings of Theophilus London and the turntable wizardry of Danny Daze, to bring you quite an interesting nightclub experience.

As far as Dj's go, your not really going to hear anyone quite as diverse as Danny Daze in your lifetime. Everytime I hear him mix, its quite inspirational. Danny seems to have an uncanny abitity to read a crowds mind wherever he goes, and really give the dance floor a nostalgic feeling as he drops club classic after club classic.

The most memorable songs that I heard him play that night were as follows,

1. Paul Simon- You can call me Al
2. Cut Copy- Lights & Music
3. Ace of Base- The Sign
4. Susan Vega- Tom's Diner
5. Newcleus- Jam on it.
6. Modest Mouse- Float on
7.Wu-Tang- Method Man
8. Chromeo- Bonafied Lovin'
9. Holy Ghost- Hold On
10. One way- Cutie Pie.

My only regrets was that he played alot of songs that were a little more on the mainstream side, when I'm pretty sure he could have gotten away with a whole bunch more underground indie dance & rock music because the crowd there seemed to eat up all that stuff the most. He also had a tendency to cut some songs way to short right as the crowd was getting into them. Nevertheless, Danny Daze continues to pioneer the club scene week after week and grow as one of America's most influential dj's.

Check out Danny Daze's myspace

Theophilus London was quite an extraordinary M.C. This Brooklyn based rapper took the stage at Rok bar and captivated the crowd with his infusion of Hip-Hop, Disco, Funk & Soul.
His energy was infectious, and his stage performance left quite a few people soaked with sweat.
He had groupies dancin' on the bar and every photographer in the place shootin' him at different angles. Be on the lookout for this artist in the years to come.

Check out Theophilus London's Myspace here

Another dope aspect to the party was that my homie Lex Hernandez was there snappin' pictures
for his online blog This cat Lex is one slck photographer and really gives each party he attends an artistic edge.. See if you can spy Nick Flash in his latest gallery.

Check out his pictures here..

The only downsides to this party was that it started way late, and it seemed like the crowd was way more interested in being seen at the V.I.P section drinking champagne for free with all the "cool kids" rather than all about dancing and having fun to the killer music. At one point, Overthrow's V.I.P table seemed like it was a clusterfuck of people trying to squeeze in, while the dancefloor had plenty of room and the beats were pumpin.

Here are some pictures I snapped of the party so you can check it out yourself.

Email and tell them you want to hear NICK FLASH at their next event!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stlye Paris Fashion Show {Video by Kozmo Koz, Pictures by Sean Egiziano}

Susan Sutherland, owner of "Style Paris" Worth Ave. put on a fantastic fashion show at the Lost Tree country club to show off her exquisite line of couture. I, Nick Flash was there to provide a prefect soundtrack, along with Sean Egiziano & Kozmo Koz doing the pictures and the video.

Be on the lookout for her new line that the beScene team will bring you exclusively.

Fashion: Susan Southerland

Video: Kozmo Koz

Pictures: Sean Egiziano

Music: Nick Flash

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stlye Profile: Nik Martinez {Bio & Potos}

As a purveyor of all things artistic, I, Nick Flash am always on the look out for slick new photographers to meet and collaborate with. After seeing some fantastic pictures of "Lauren Marie Palaez" an up an coming model out of Miami, I contacted her photographer Nik Martinez, so I can share with you some of his fantastic works. Check it out.

The name is Nik Martinez. I'm 21 years young and I'm just trying to make something out of nothing. I created my own business called Uneek Designs & the name has traveled little by little around Miami.

Photography to me is just a fun way of being free and capturing priceless and beautiful moments. I wouldn't categorize my work with any titles, but rather just a "uneek" style. I learn something new every day and I'm just building as I grow.

As people change when they mature, my work is something that will have a constant change as well. I love working with themes and just energetic, fun people. If you're in Miami and need a fun photographer to work with, contact me! My prices are very inexpensive & extra goodies are always added such as a special edit to the photo such as texture wrapping, changes of backgrounds, designs, etc.

My starting package is only $120!
-20 professionally edited photos.
-2 outfit changes
-1 location
For other packages, please visit :

I always have special deals & discounts so be on the look out!
My most popular deal is the "unique - discount".
How does this work?
-If you're interested in a photoshoot and can come up with a unique theme to the shoot rather than just your basic "hey lets do a shoot at the beach", I'll be sure to hook you up. Word is bond :)

To view some of my work, check me out on flickr , deviantart & myspace!

Nik Martinez Flickr

Nik Martinez Deviantart

Nik Martinez Myspace

So what are you waiting for!? Lets book a shoot already :)

Nik Martinez
P: 786.208.5811


Check out some of his work here...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Disco Socialite {Photo's by Andreo} {Edited By Nick Flash}

A couple weeks ago, I, Nick Flash met a Slick Young Photographer named Andreo after djing a party at "The Breakers West Country Club"

I invited him to "club 251" with me to snap some pictures and have a few Heineken's.

Here is a few shots he got of me wildin' out.

Which club will you catch Andreo & Nick Flash at Next? Stay Tuned.

Untill now check out his brand new photo website..

Andreo Photography

Check Out Andreo's New Website! Andreo Photography