Friday, November 13, 2009

Mod Shop

After taking a short photography hiatus, I will be back in action this Wednesday November 18th for MOD MEDIA & Vantage Magazine's new event, "MOD SHOP" at the Gansevoort rooftop. I will be participating in a "live" photoshoot with professional models, make-up artists, lighting and more. Be on the lookout for up and coming photographer Naya Paredes who I discovered when I was on a crazy party bus trip with Sean Reb. I'll probably end up at LIV afterward or some other crazy party in Miami so be on the lookout for that gallery next week, enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009 Sean Reb Events Ft. Nick Flash

This Halloween was absolutely bonkers! Luckily I was around with a video camera to give you a glimpse into the insanity.

Nick Flash & Sean Reb teamed up for an exclusive T-Shirt giveaway and some hosted some of the wildest parties Palm beach has ever seen.

We Hosted & Rocked Ill Bacio & Delux on Thursday, Noche in PGA on Friday & The Brazilian Court & Rumbas on Saturday.

Be prepared for much more calamity from these two! For now, enjoy the video.

Halloween 2009/ Sean Reb Events ft. Nick Flash from Nick Flash on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Hate Sean Reb: Promo Trailer

This Punk Kid Sean Reb is probably the most hated on dude in all of Palm Beach County to Miami Dade. But at the same time, all those that hate him can never say no to his wild parties!

His Douchebaggery has been compared to the likes of George Bush & Kanye West, and his list of haters grows every party that he throws.

This weekend he is celebrating all his haters by giving out free T-Shirts with an "I Hate Sean Reb" logo printed on them. Make sure you visit DELUX this thursday to get your free shirt.

We are in the process of compiling a video of all his haters speaking their mind.... untill then here is a trailer..

The song in the video is Bone Thugz N' Harmony's new track "See Me Shine." It is the first great bone song I have heard in years, and with Flesh out of jail and Bizzy Bone back on the scene I'm expecting some good new tracks out of them..

Download the full mp3 here.. Bone Thugs n' Harmony- See Me Shine.mp3

This video was edited by DJ KoZMo KoZ Himself.. peep his website here.. DJKOZMO.COM

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boogie is Back! A-Trak & Armand Van Helden are "Duck Sauce"

Earlier today, after meeting nightlife photographer Nicky Digital on Twitter, I went to his blog and discovered a phenomenal new group "Duck Sauce" that will sure to be at the forefront of bringing that old school disco sound back for a new generation.

Duck Sauce, is a collaboration project between electronic music pioneers A-Trak & Armand Van Helden, and is sure to pave the way for a new era in funk.

I will continue to keep you updated on new artists in the disco scene as well as my original mixtapes and tracks as we march forward towards this new school disco-takeover!

Check out Duck Sauce on Myspace here.. Duck Sause Myspace

For more insight into the world of hip be sure to visit Smile!

Follow Nicky Digital on twitter here Nicky Digital on Twitter

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Classixx at the W NYC

Classixx are two music pioneers fresh out of L.A who's innovative productions and remixes are paving the way to a whole new era of boogie.

They have a European Tour booked for the whole month of November playing all the hippest venues from Paris, Milan, Moskow & Switzerland. They are also ending the month of October with a bang by playing at the W Hotel in New York, and the HARD music festival in L.A along side names like Justice, Major Lazer, A Trak, & Deadmau5

I know they will bring a whole new level of musicl sophistication to the W hotel with their sexy disco blends. Look forward for Nick Flash to be doing the same very soon.

Untill then, enjoy their mix and check out their myspace here..
Classixx 42:33 Mix


In the Cut: Hood Philosophy

Today I was working at Dj Murkem's studio "in the Cut" when I ran into the most philosophic and positive new artists Ayrab, Flaco & Castro.

It turns out that although they have never seen the movie "The Secret" or read books like "The 48 laws of power" They practice the philosophies of these teachings to manifest their dreams and make music sure to bring them fame, riches & power.

I'll keep you updated on their new music, videos, and club promotions as I will prob run into them at more of their recording sessions in the cut.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Anthony Nicholas- Nick Flash's Alter Ego: Photo's by Charis Kirchheimer

Hi Everybody, I'm Anthony Nicholas and I think this Halloween is going be the best ever!

You see, just the other day, the most amazing thing happened to me... a girl actually said hello!!

For all my life I have been the victim of atomic wedgies, swirlies & ridicule just cause I'm different. I have never had a date in all my life!

This Halloween I am gonna try and change all that and ask out a special girl who is in my astro physics class. I'm getting her some pretty flowers and asking her to the halloween bash that my mommy is having at her house. My mom is so proud of me!! She even helped me pick out the flowers and everything.

Anyway... wish me luck. I hope she says yes and we get married!!

Make sure you stop by and check out Nick Flash this halloween weekend.

I'll be Djing Thursday at Ill Bacio in Delray, Friday at Noche in PGA, and Saturday at "The Brazilian Court in Palm Beach

Photos by Charis Kirchheimer

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How an idea became a reality- "beScene"

I'm a big believer that any dream you have can come true. I truly believe that anything is possible.

For me, I have alot of dreams. As a kid, my imagination ran wild and to this day it still keeps me motivated and as creative as ever.

Not to long ago, I met a girl at a Fashion show named Carla Caceres. Her passion is fashion and the arts. We began collaborating on photoshoots and brainstorming like crazy on projects we could do together.

Her knack for style and flair for leadership led me to believe that she could start her own magazine. I told her to start a blog and gather up some great writers and artists and sure enough, she did just that!! In less than a year she has assembled a group of talented writers, photographers and artists and is now launching the first issue of her very own magazine "beScene"!!

Although I am not as involved with this project as I was at first, expect there to be some great collaborations with Nick Flash & beScene in the future!

Untill then, RSVP now to this extraordinary magazine launch at SET nightclub Nov 7th. and remember, follow your dreams and they will come true!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Suite Life at "The Brazilian Court"

Every Saturday you can catch I, Nick Flash, spinning at the sexiest hotel on all of Palm Beach Island, "The Brazilian Court"

The vibe is an eclectic mix of Disco, Motown, Jazz, Funk, Old school R&B & Rock & Roll.

Season is just weeks away and we have a bevy of flowing champagne, fashion, and beautiful people.

Call Deshon Allen @ 561.351.8042 to RSVP

Model- Christina Powers

Photo's By Nick Flash & Chad Andreo

Lighting By Chad Andreo

Make-Up by Rose Espanet

Hotel Suite- The Brando Suite & The Brazilian Court

Beat Street Breakdown by Murkem

Beat street.... All I can say is wow. A slightly dated but nonetheless fascinating snapshot of musical history. Beat Street is an urban musical detailing the roots of hip-hop. Set in early-1980s New York, the film focuses on the lives of a small group of young people setting their experiences against the larger backdrop of the city's burgeoning music scene. The story of up-and-coming DJ Kenny (Guy Davis) and his relationship with jazz musician Tracy (Rae Dawn Chong) may only be a device, but it's surprisingly effective, as is the ultimately tragic tale of graffiti artist Ramon (Jon Chardiet). The movie's real showcases the sounds of the street, so it's full of some of hip-hop's most influential names--Melle Mel, Doug E Fresh, Kool Moe Dee, the Rocksteady Crew, Jazzy Jeff, and Arthur Baker. And while the combination of electro and rapping may sound a little crude to modern ears, there can be no doubt that Beat Street is the sight and sound of history being made.Todays hip hop lacks almost every important element of what real hip hop is. This movie back-spun me to a time when hip hop was dope and larger than life. Hip hop is all about the lifestyle of Graffiti Writers, Break-Dancers, DJ's,MC's, and Beat Boxers. This oldie but goodie had me grooving, and shaking it all over my living room. Hip hop today is truly brain washing our youth, and it's only a matter of time before history comes around and repeats itself. I can't wait!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthdayz in Brickell

Last Sunday was my friend Jenny Perez birthday, so I went down to Segafredo's in Brickell to Celebrate!

Jenny is an outstanding Make-up artist, model, and artist. Check out some of her upcoming work in the new online magazine "beScene"

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate Sean Reb

I Fucking Hate Sean Reb,

This douche-bag is the reason half the kids in this town sport silly ass blow-out's, wear Ed hardy T-shirts, and are forced to hear Lil-Wayne 20 times a night when they go to a club!

Although he does know some hot chicks and throw some pretty outrageous parties, this guy is such a tool bag!!

When you see him around West Palm or Miami, give him the middle finger!!

Make sure you get your I hate Sean Reb T- Shirt on sale soon!!

Also add him on facebook and call him a tool!!

Photo's by Nick Flash

Model- Jennifer Brackman

Make-up by Suzette Lacher & Rose Espinet

Editing & Concept by Sean Reb

Rose Espanet- Finding Emo

Meet Rose Espanet,

This girl is all around talented! She is an up and coming make-up artist, film editor & maybe even an actress.

She enjoy's reading books, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries and also imitating vampires.

Stay tuned for some of Roses collaborations with me... Here are a few photo's I took of her.