Saturday, May 23, 2009

Linus Loves VH1 & Fleetwood Mac

After Asking the Question "What are you listening to at the moment?" on Twitter the other day, one of my old friends sent me a list of tracks. One song he was jamming out to was in particular was "VH1" by Linus Loves.

Linus Loves sampled one of my favorite groups of all time Fleetwood Mac on VH1 with their smash hit "Big Love"

Have a listen to Linus Loves and Fleetwood Mac by clicking on the links below, Enjoy!

Linus Loves Vh1

Fleetwood Mac- Big Love

Fleetwood Mac- Big Love "Live"

Bonus Track- Linus Loves- Sexyback

Be sure to go to I tunes and Pick up a copy of Linus Loves "Sexyback"

And be sure to BUY any and ALL fleetwood mac albums you can afford.

Start by Checking out "Rumors" "Greatest Hits" and their Live album "The Dance"

It will bring tears to your eyes, trust me!!


-----Nick Flash-------

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  1. your welcome for giving you these! im hurt i never get a public thank you hahah