Saturday, May 23, 2009

Style Profile: "Lauren Marie Pelaez" Photos by Nik Martiez, Styling by Stephanie Farah

Here at beScene, we are always looking for new models and fresh faces to work with.

Lauren Marie Pelaez is an up an coming model out of Miami, who just recently did a photoshoot with my my main man Nik Martnez.

Here is his portrayal of the shoot....

What can I say, working with Lauren was probably one of the funniest moments I've enjoyed in a long time. Our goal of this photoshoot was more of a "zombie" looking person. We found this great abandoned asylum that was all broken down and tagged up w/ graffiti so we though it should do the trick. Along for the ride was a great friend of ours, Stephanie Farah who was the MUA & Stylist for the shoot. She is currently attending The Art Institute, majoring in Fashion and is excellent at what she does. Lauren was very energtic, alive, expressive and comfortable with anything I shot at her. She was ready for whatever and is someone I will be working with more in the near future for upcoming projects.

Check out Nik's Flickr here.. Flickr

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