Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keep Ya Head Up

I really miss Tupac. He music was raw & real, not sugar coated and fake like so much of the hip-hop I hear on the radio these days.

After digging in the crates for some old school funk this week, I stumbled upon a track by a funky dude named Zapp called "Be Alright" I was trying to pinpoint what rapper sampled this beat, then suddenly it dawned on me....PAC on "Keep Ya head Up"

Pac sampled this beat from Zapp and then called on Danny Boy to sing the chorus from an old school soul track from The Five Stairsteps, "Ooh Child"

Check out Pac's version, and compare the old tracks he sampled from. Email me which version you like better!! I must say... even though I love Pac, I'm feeling Zapp's version the best.

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Tupac- Keep Ya Head Up

Zapp- Be Alright

The Five Stairsteps- O-O-H Child

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