Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prometheus Springs "WMC" Debut

This year, WMC 2k10 brought an array of amazing dj's & artists down to Miami once again. Everyday and night there was party after party, headlined by collectives of the worlds most sought after dj's. Making it's first appearance this year was the new Capsaicin spiced elixir, Prometheus Springs

Everywhere you turned, artists and music fans alike seemed to have one in their hand. Everyone from Classixx to Drop the Lime to DJ Craze seemed to be raving about the stuff. The drink itself is known to provide a "happy healthy high", so it's no wonder electronic music fans would be drinking it while "raging" to their favorite artists. The drinks main ingredient, capsaicin, which is actually the active component of chili peppers, achieves this "high" by releasing endorphins that boost your mood and also your metabolism. Helping to create the buzz is the drink's marketing director Alexis Mincolla , who is also co-founder of "The Overthrow". "The Overthrow" has been responsible for booking some of the biggest acts and hosting some of the hottest parties this year for the winter music conference. Visit their website here.. The Overthrow. You can find this spicy beverage at a Whole Foods near you and you can learn more about this drink by visiting their website.. www.prometheussprings.com. Be prepared to see plenty more celebrities and rockstars drinking Prometheus Springs in the future, and plenty more WMC's fueled by this drinks fiery flavors.

Article by: Nick Flash
Photography by: Murkem