Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feathers {A poem by Danielle Alvarez}

I’ve been told that one day through the black I’ll learn to see

That all those words of wisdom will turn to wings behind me

To have on my back and make me fly when spread

One day I’ll learn to live the lives that the ones I read of led

And so the clock ticks and my feathers grow

To leave my child prints behind when I don’t know

I learn words, I learn ways, I learn to live with myself

I learn to organize my sorrows, my grief in jars on a shelf

I learn to laugh when I fall and enjoy the view in the descend

To fall with eyes wide open in bliss not labels must be the trend

Cause you can fly, if you try to deny the sigh, the passersby may make you dust in twilight but with beliefs from within all those doubts you’ll crucify

Past to my feathers let them handle my history, eyes to the future let them capture the mystery that is a new life no longer a script titled misery, lights on, curtain up to a me you’ll pay admission to see

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