Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Different Persepectives {A Poem By Danielle Alvarez}

You hide behind your words, a sign of insecurity

I am because of words, exemplifying purity

Syllables are what you only learned to clap out

Syllables, what they make up, is what I learned I’m all about

Words, never can be taken back just thrown into society

Some see their power some use their force you read them like you pity me

Poor girl tells her tales in rhymes, living alone in black and white prose

Could I be telling your tale in those syllables without you to even know?

I could be writing of you, are you paranoid of sentences

Giving a flow to your previously only thought out consequences

Differences between you and I is the way we read a word

What you use to distract, I use to attract and so the story goes

Different perspectives lead to different lives to end in praise or repentance

Use your words to remain still while I dance to the beat of my sentence

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