Friday, April 3, 2009

Black Sunday WMC 2009 {Nick Flash Cameo}

I, Nick Flash, was recently at THE BIGGEST PARTY EVER! That's right, the biggest party ever.

It was Sunday, March 29th and the final day of the winter music conference in Miami.
The three diabolical creators of "Black Sunday" {Lex, Charis, & Stian} definitely had some tricks up their sleeves, and delivered on turning Bella Rose into one of the hippest party destinations in all of the country in one night.

Some of the biggest names in the underground electronic music scene were there partying, drinking, and djing until the break of dawn. The line-up was insanely rad, and included names like,

steve aoki
the bloody beetroots
them jeans
hot pink delorean
hollywood holt
pauly crush
damaged goods
johnny the boy

and of course.... Nick Flash!

There was also musical celebrities in the house such as the lead singer Dave from "Chromeo" and Danny Daze from "DiscoTech"

Let me just warn you, as a very futuristic envisioner of talent, that Alexis Mincolla as his Crew Charis and Stian on literally on their way to world party domination, and are seriously leaps and bounds ahead of artists in the world of nightlife.

Hopefully one day I will collaborate with this group of underground party cult leaders, untill then, check out this video that features me, Nick Flash, and all the other artists and hipsters that made this party possible.

BLACK SUNDAY - SNEAK ATTACK WMC from Alexis Mincolla on Vimeo.

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