Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Fashion Show

Inspired by the release of Tim Burton's latest "Alice in Wonderland" remake, Murkem and I decided to set out on an adventure of our own. We happened to spot an unusually sexy white rabbit running down the streets of Miami Beach in a bikini. Awestruck, we decided to follow her to see where she was off to in such a hurry. We caught up with her on the corner of Lincoln road & Washington to find out the scoop.

"I'm late, I'm late!" she screamed as she try to sprint passed us. It seemed that she was late for a runway show at SET, where she would be modeling B. Swim-wear's newest spring/summer collection hosted by the fabulous girls at Mod Media. {Model's are always late btw} She slipped us two red pills labeled "eat me" "Take these if you wanna join me" she said enticingly. Sure enough we did, and off to the party we went.

Inside, we were enveloped by a wonderland of SET's luscious soundscapes, illustrious light show, and abundance of beautiful women. Working the runway was Miami's top model's strutting their stuff in the likeness of Alice, The Mad Hatter, Tweddle dee & Tweedle Dum, and even the Wicked queen of hearts. We happened to snap a few pictures while we were inside, here's what we captured....

After the show, we were secretly invited to the Mad Hatters Tea party at an undisclosed location.The after party quickly turned into a mind altering journey filled with colorful characters & psychedelic substances.

Photography by In The Cut Studios

makeup: faye gutkind, mckenzie fawcett-hunt, karla hirkaler, and alejandro acosta

Hair jose guerrero, and kaaren terpack

Full Gallery Here....  Alice & Wonderland Fashion Show

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