Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mirror Mirror {Photography by Nick Flash & Bobby Ray} Poem by Nick Flash

Photo's By Bobby Ray. Visit Bobby Ray Photo Art

Model: Jennifer Perez

Photo's by Nick Flash. Visit Nick Flash Photography

Model: Christina Haddad

Poem By Nick Flash:

Mirror Mirror, on the wall, show me my reflection.

Make me look as best I can, closest to perfection.

Mirror Mirror, tell the truth, It's you I will believe.

I know the only lies you tell, are in what I perceive.

Mirror Mirror, your so wise. You play up to my vanity.

When times get tough, you are the one, who helps me keep my sanity.

Mirror Mirror, your the one, who knows all of my secrets.

You know all of my flaws, but I trust quiet you shall keep it.

Mirror Mirror, it is you, who is my dearest friend.

Mirror Mirror, I look forward, to our times we spend.

You help me see just who I am, on the outside and the In.

It is you who knows that beauty lies, way beneath the skin.

Mirror Mirror, on the wall.