Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fairy Tales Come True: Rosie Hardy {Written by Nick Flash}

Check this out!! Rosie Hardy Flickr

Fairy Tales are real. We all hold the key that unlocks our enchanting destiny.It is up to us to dig deep into our imaginations and bring our fairy tales to life.

Skeptics will constantly try to persuade us that magic is all a trick, love is all an illusion, and there are never any happy endings. This type of pessimism is why nowadays fairy tales are few and far between. Violence is at an all time high, the divorce rate is through the roof, and books are being avoided by our youth in order to be entertained by video games & blue ray discs. It is clear to me that through Rosie Hardy's artwork, imagination & fantasy shall conquer all.

I recently discovered Rosie Hardy's photography on a blog called I Hunt Zombies and was instantly memorized. I had never really seen anything like it. Her self portraits are so surreal they look almost like a watercolor painting. I wondered just how in the heck she was able to create such images with only a camera and then It dawned on me...fairy tale magic.

Her photo's tell the stories of fantasy, wonder, happiness, sorrow, pain, tragedy and TRUE LOVE. After meeting her true life prince, Aaron Nace {on Flickr), their romance blossomed into into extraordinary works of art that gives 1,000's of their online fans hope that one day they will find their soul mate and live happily ever after. Read their incredible love story here.
Rosie & Aaron's Romantic Tale

Rosie's Fairy-Tale is not all flowers & sunshine though, their are many out there who despise her for her imagination and romantic love life. Critics from all over continue to say her work is plagiarism, and they slander her in blogs and magazines from all around the globe. Here is one of her biggest critics...Rosie's ART Slander

While the agnostic will continue to live in their clouded world of pessimism and knock the existence of fairy-tales, it is up to us to truly look deep inside ourselves and use our wonderful gift of imagination to make all of our dreams come true. As you look at Rosie's photo's, you will become immersed in a land of fantasy you never knew existed.

Check it out once again and lemme know what you think.

Rosie Hardy Flickr

The pictures I used for this blog were taken from her myspace with the intent ONLY to promote her Flickr and share her art with the world, not for financial gain or reproduction.

Find her myspace here.... Rosie Hardy Myspace


  1. Rosie Hardy is a copycat and she keeps doing it even after the plagiarism scandal.

    Please visit Rosie Hardy plagiarism links below :

  2. do you really think so???
    a lot of her pics came from her own ideas. well, can't deny the fact that she copied some works on DevianArt but this girl does have talent!

  3. It is not her who takes the photograps and does the post-processing. She has help. And all her "ideas" are not hers.

    She keeps stealing other people's ideas.

    There is even a thread created on the Female Self Portrait Group about Rosie Hardy with the title "Copycat she did it again" with girls complaining that she added their photos to her favourites and recreated the original images without giving the credit to the photographers.
    You can check it out i you want to. Its all true.

  4. loved looking at ur book on blurb couldnt comment on it as i couldnt find a link..

    excellent work